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Friends of the Port Townsend Library!

We always welcome more Friends. Support your library by joining the organization, donating books, volunteering, or all three.

Join the Friends and receive . . . 

  • Satisfaction from sustaining our public library and community

  • Three newsletters a year

  • Early admission to book sales

  • Invitations to the Friends’ annual meeting and other gatherings​​

Donate books

Donate books

We appreciate

Donations of clean books, DVDs, and CDs—all in good shape; please ask yourself, Would I buy this item? Sadly, we are able to sell only a third of the donated books we receive and must discard the rest. Books in unsalable condition cost the Friends time, effort, and money to cull and move out. So although we can again accept large donations comprising boxes of books, please help us by donating only books in good condition. For more information, email Thank you for thinking of us!

We cannot take

  • Damaged books (underlined or written in; tattered covers; broken spines; torn, missing, or dog-eared pages; water damaged; mildewed or moldy)

  • Romance novels, Time-Life series, Reader’s Digest condensed books, textbooks, English-language dictionaries, or encyclopedias

  • Books with stapled or spiral bindings

  • Self-help books (e.g., miracle cures and diets) or computer books ten years old or older

  • VHS or audio cassette tapes


Just in case, other local options for large donations include:

  • Joseph Bednarik, local book seller, 360-531-4377

  • Goodwill, 360-385-6600; call in advance

  • Food Bank, children’s books only, 360-531-0275

BadBookCvr-IMG_0274 copy.jpg

If it looks like this, please don’t donate it!


Volunteer for fun

  • Book sales

  • Book s​orting, boxing, transporting

  • Outreach, publicity

  • Web development

  • Graphic design

  • Occasional tasks

  • Create your own job!

Join our board

Join our board

From time to time, we look for book and library enthusiasts to serve on our board. Comfort with computers is a must, as is an eagerness to work alongside friends and neighbors for the benefit of our library and community. We can really use someone with graphic design, web development, or other online skills. Please email us for more information.

The health of our civilization . . . and our concern for the future can all be tested by how well we support our libraries.

— Carl Sagan (1980)

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