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Special News Update

Two nonprofit organizations support the Port Townsend Public Library: Friends of the Port Townsend Library and Port Townsend Public Library Foundation. Last summer, library director Melody Weaver and Friends’ president Deb Vanderbilt were approached by the foundation’s board members to determine if there was any interest in merging these two nonprofits.

        Since then, both boards voted to explore the benefits of merging. Each board formed an information-gathering committee, and numerous meetings have taken place between the committees and with Director Weaver. Much work remains before a decision can be made, but we want to be sure the Port Townsend community and all Friends are aware of the potential merger.

        In December 2022, our presidents submitted a letter to the editor of the Port Townsend and Jefferson County Leader, and we sent a special email to all current Friends. Then in February 2023, the Friends board of directors held a Zoom informational meeting and heard from a number of Friends and library patrons. Today Friends and Foundation board members continue to work on the many next steps needed to enable two organizations to become one.

        Please watch this space—or email us at—for further updates on this important decision.

        The Friends of the Port Townsend Library board is grateful for all of our supporters and volunteers.

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