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When in doubt, go to the library.

— J. K. Rowling (1999)

The Friends of the Port Townsend Library, a nonprofit organization established in 1978, funds programs, services, and materials beyond what the city’s library budget covers. Our support comes primarily from donations and book sales. We welcome everyone.


The Port Townsend Public Library was founded in 1898 by volunteers and, thanks to continuing community support, has remained an active Carnegie Library since the present building opened in 1913. Today its per capita circulation is in the top five for public libraries in Washington State.

The Friends is one of three community organizations that support the library’s work. The Library Advisory Board advises Port Townsend’s city manager and city council regarding library facilities, operations, collections, and policies. The Port Townsend Public Library Foundation supports the library by raising funds for endowments, capital projects, and enhancement of library collections. Working together, the three organizations supplement resources the city can provide.    

The strength of these organizations is living proof of the Port Townsend community’s support of its library.

The Friends runs entirely on volunteer power

Only through the dedication of a small army of volunteers—more than 100 at last count—is the Friends able to do What We Do.


Volunteers sort books, transport books, and set up books for book sales. Volunteers write, design, publish and distribute our newsletter and maintain our online presence. Volunteers keep our finances in order.


Volunteers do it because they love their library—and because it’s fun!

Friends serve as board members



Bringing us valuable perspective from a few years on the board of the Friends of the Jefferson County Library, Deb works steadily to make our board the best it can be. She is an expert at keeping our meetings short, sweet, and to the point.


Vice President

Our previous treasurer, Cindy is an Anglophile who enjoys Trollope, birds, hiking, and afternoon tea.


Second Vice President

Relying on the power of books to enlighten and revitalize came naturally: Margaret’s mother was the town librarian, and love of reading was a family given. While a teacher and secondary school principal, she used reading to sharpen skills and explore worlds, to soothe and heal, to expand awareness and challenge hidden biases. Now she is thrilled to support the reading culture of this unique community.



A retired librarian, and volunteer teacher of literacy and English as a Second Language, Martha enjoys hiking, reading, finding new vegan recipes, and helping out.



The library was Beth’s favorite place as a child. The first two things she did on moving to Jefferson County a few decades ago were to change her voter registration and get a library card—not necessarily in that order! Reading, gardening, hiking, and traveling occupy Beth’s free time when she isn’t “doing the books” for the Friends.



An ecologist and editor, Ellen obsesses over precision and nuance in words, science, and music. When not editing, setting type, or fussing with layouts and this website, she likes to cycle or use her binoculars to watch birds, marine life, and musicians.


Book Donations

An avid reader all his life, Marc has been hauling boxes of donated books weekly for the Friends for over ten years. Now he coordinates our book sorters and curates books for sale. In his spare time, he likes to go camping, cook, bicycle, and dream of future travel.


Support Coordinator

Fran helps manage our roster of supporters and organizational partners. Have a question? Fran will be happy to help you! Meanwhile, she wants to travel to the Yukon to see the Northern Lights.



Another retired librarian, Linda loves reading (she’s in four book groups), hiking, kayaking, and the beautiful environment that surrounds us.



The library has always been Rosie’s happy place, and volunteering for a library is what she loves best. As an elementary school teacher and principal, she saw her most important job as teaching children the love of books and reading. Reading, gardening, quilting, and walking near the water fill her days!


Member at Large

Geralynn knows many people and many stories in Port Townsend. Not only has she served the Friends’ board longer than anyone else, she persevered as our president for eleven successful years.

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